Can I record from sky+ to dvd?


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Is it possible to record from sky+ to dvd through my laptop?
i.e. can I connect the sky hard drive to an external enclosure and then burn to dvd?
Any help/comments most appreciated!



I think the files on the Sky+ disk are encrypted.

Can anyone confirm this?


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Yup, the only way to do is via scart/s-video from the sky+ box into a capture card.

Unless of course you have a V1 box and want to do the SDI conversion?


the recording on the harddrive is the data that comes to the box from the lnb/dish and is encrypted. having a card in the box allows the data to be decrypted which is why you can only view one recording at a time (as opposed to viewing 2 recordings and outputting them via 2 scarts)

DTS Rocks !

Hi,i got SKY+ installed a couple of weeks ago,very pleased with it.I also have a Philips DVDR80 DVD Recorder,connected to the SKY+ box via scart,and i copy to it all the time.I do not have the premium channels though,and i think that is what is meant by saying you cannot copy,as the movies are encrypted. :smashin:


Nope, the premium channels can also be recorded via scart. I believe the pay-per-view channels may be encrypted on output, though. Personally I never use this service (I'd rather wait until they are free).


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I've just read the thead, & it's not very clear. You can burn to Dvd as you can to vid, - via Scart or S vid. What you can't do is 'copy' the stuff on your Sky hard drive & 'paste' on your laptop for burning to Dvd. I actualy think you can also record Pay per views (on + then to other media), but haven't tried as like leng, I wait for them to apear on movies. I already pay Sky enough !!!!


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Thanks for the answers, pretty clear on what I need to do now.
I've been thinking of getting a video capture card to copy all our old vhs copies from camcorder is a pity I can't import digitally from sky+ though and will have to convert to analogue and back again!!
PS Anybody ever use Pinnacles Dazzle fusion external usb capture hardware/software for analogue capture?

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