Can I port my o2 pay monthly number to Orange PAYG then back to a new o2 contract?


I am on a o2 pay monthly contract which I have exceeded the contract length. I want a new o2 contract and I want to keep my current number but you can't port a number from an o2 pay monthly contract to a new o2 pay monthly contract.

Will it be possible for me to port my current o2 number to an Orange pay as you go sim card, then take out a brand new o2 contract with a new number, then port the Orange pay as you go number (my old number) to my new o2 contract?


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You could, but O2 customers get the same deal (or better) as new customers, so there wouldn't be much point.
Unless you want to go with a third party retailer who are offering a free gift? In which case have a word with them because O2 will let you migrate your number onto the new account. (note migrate not port)


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As long as you are closing the old account O2 will allow you to transfer your number to the new one. O2 are particularly flexible, as most other networks won't let you do this.


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As far as I know the process starts within 4 hours and takes up to 24 hours to complete. Its normally much quicker.


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I've done the same thing with my existing T-mobile number. What I did:

Requested my PAC and went to Orange PAYG.
Ordered a new Desire on T-mobile (new number).
A few days later asked Orange for my PAC and said I'm going to T-mobile.
Transferred to T-mobile with new contract and old number. :)

The whole process can take 1-2 weeks depending on the network providers procedures. Some points to consider are T-mobile will give you the PAC over the phone and send a text confirming the same details. Orange on the other hand post the PAC to you adding 2-3 working days to the process.

Some networks need your PAC at the point of sale i.e. Vodafone.

By the way a good choice to transfer to Orange temporarily, you will receive a free £10 top up when you bring your number over. :smashin:

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