Can I plug Creative T40's straight in to TV..?


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Hi y'all :)

I have a Toshiba flatscreen TV and would like to upgrade the sound without breaking the bank. After a little research it seems the Creative T40's would be an improvement over the internal speakers. I just want to confirm that I can plug them straight in to the TV without having to buy any additional gumph? 'Scuse me if I'm being simple but I know nothing of these things! :D

Any advice welcomed so I can go ahead and order :)


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Does your TV have an analogue phono output? If it does then you can connect the speakers direct to the TV using cables included in the package. If not, does it have a headphone socket? If so then you could use that (again with cables supplied) but this would not be as good in terms of sound quality.
However, for the £100 the T40s cost I would be looking in the classifieds here for a second hand stereo amp and pair of standmount speakers which would sound so much better.


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Thanks for your reply! Yes it definitely has a headphone socket at least, not sure about the other. To be honest I'm not bothered about supreme sound, just want an upgrade on the current sound which is a bit rubbish. Don't really have room for amps and whatnot as already have a pc, sky box & xbox all in the same area..+ it's only a bedroom!

I'll give it some more thought- might even get the T20's as they'd probably be fine for my requirements :)


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With something like the T40, I would use the Headphone out of the TV. The advantage of the Headphone jack is that the sound out goes up and down with the TV volume control. That simplifies things.

But the way, the T40 are available for £69 for Pixmania and for £77 from Dixons -

Google-UK - Shopping Search - 84 Sources - Creative T40

If your budget is locked at less than £100, and your requirements are to simply sound better than the build in speakers, the Creative T40 should be fine.

Though if you can go a bit more, consider the Audioengine A2 -

Google-Uk - Shopping Search - Audioengine A2

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I can vouch for the T20's - I have a pair connected to my PC and they sound great (actually mind-bogglingly amazing) for the size. I almost bought the T40's but in the end decided on the smaller T20's. I think they'll be ample for a bedroom TV setup, unless you really want the bigger T40's.

Just my 2 cents...

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