Can I play Wii using a projector?


Yes you can. Just remember that if your PJ is not ceiling mounted you may have to stand slightly to the side to prevent obscuring of the image on your screen.


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My PJ is mounted in the loo and projects through a hole in the wall to the living room. Above head height.

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Don't forget you will need to put the Sensor in front of the PJ screen..
Means you will need a long Component lead to the PJ, and the Wii will need to be close to the screen for the sensor..



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Component lead sorted.

How close to screen. The screen will hang above the Wii console. The bottom of the screen will be about 1m off the floor. Is that OK.

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It should be OK, if not place it under the screen ie, 1 metre off the floor to ensure accuracy..



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I use a wireless sensor bar (takes AA batts), no need for a long lead then?


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