Can I name chapters or what do I need ?


Being new to dvd authoring, and trying out TMPGenc DVD author 2, I start with an airshow program I have on vhs of 1 hours duration transferred to my PC's HDD from a Panny EH50 dvd recorder.

I wish to have the ability after the dvd is written to see a list of contents of it and jump to the part of the airshow where e.g. a harrier is flying, then to the swordfish, and so on, by clicking on a contents list featuring aircraft names.

I am creating chapters at the start of each of the different aircrafts performance, assuming this is what I need, as they are but minutes long each, but can I give these meaningful names, they have just numbers hh:mm:ss:ff at present which is meaningless to me.

...or perhaps I need a tracklist, as it appears looking on the net that tracks can be named, but I get the feeling a track is an individual recording, so the entire program is track name Airshow1986 ?? I sure need some guidance ! Do I need to cut up my program into many bits to get the ability to give them names using track naming ? as to name each aircrafts appearance ?
Impractical as I have many progs like this, not just airshows, where I want to be able to click on a named button to jump to e.g. spitfire within a documentary.

Tutorials on DVD authoring dont cover such an occasion, simply talking of track name and chapters within, not mentioning how a chapter works, how to name it, why have auto chapters where they exist say every 15 seconds, surely a chapter should be the start of something,...meaningless to me !

Perhaps I need menus or titles, dunno...please help !

Tried Ulead MF4 and now 5, but its scene selection is too quick and too fiddly, TMPGenc and the frame method it uses is more to my liking as I use Premiere and such is so obvious for sped of use. Also Ulead keeps locking up !

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