Can I Move TIVO to anoth cable household and still get services



I used to have a V+ box years ago and I often stay at my partners house for the odd week at a time.

I used to take the box with me (she has cable phone and bband but no tv) - can I do this with the new Tivo and still use all the functions of the box?



You shouldn't have done it in the first place, as it is against terms and conditions of the contract you both signed.

Besides the TiVo box requires a pretty decent signal strength so this is why TiVo is available with manned install only.


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It sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, but as pointed out by nmdale, you shouldn't be doing it anyway. Be warned that both the V+ and the TiVo boxes output a return signal so your box will show up on Virgin's servers as being at your partners house. Whether anyone at VM notices this is another matter.

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