can i move BF4 install without redownloading the whole thing?


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I did a google and it seems it works for some games not others.

I cant face downloading all... 50gbish again, however I have uninstalled it to the wrong directory (OCD i know but i want a generic games directory ideally and not a specific one for origin games)


Theydon Bois

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For a new install, I will install Origin, then start the download of he game - let it get to 1% then pause it. Exit Origin.

Then move all the old installation files into the created folders. Restart Origin, un pause the download - it then scans the files and completes.

You will have some jiggering about as you are not doing a fresh install - but I advise it.

Theydon Bois

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Use Steam Mover or do it yourself using a symbolic link, should be fine. :)

MKLINK – Create and Use Links in Windows - Windows 7 Help Forums

The PC will still think it's in the original directory for all intents and purposes but the files will reside elsewhere.

Origin can handle multiple file locations anyway. I have BF4 and DA installed on my SSD, but ran out of room for Hardline. Change the installation folder and then install the new game - it retains the links and paths for the old game will allowing the new games to be installed in a new place.

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