Can I mount front speakers up high ?


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I am just setting up my small home cinema room, and have my projector and screen mounted. Right now I have a Sony-HTK25 amp and speaker combo. Which is low spec, but fills the smallish room quite well (which is about 8ft x 12ft),

I'd like to mount the speakers at about ear level in the corners of the room (and the front centre in the centre obviously) but sadly the door also opens into where the front left surround would go and would smash into it.

I'm wondering if the sound would work ok if I mounted the front speakers above the opening of the door (about 6.5 feet up) and simply point them towards my seating position at the other end of the room.

I'm just wondering if this is an acceptable solution, or my ears would actually perceive that the sound is coming from up above instead of straight in front of me ?


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Try it and see you might be suprised or dissapointed, you never know. It is tradionally held that you should have them at ear height.
Could you not mount them at the edges of the screen? Im assumoing the speakers are small.


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A friend of mine has all of his satellite speakers at about 8ft high and i've never noticed any issues with films or music where the sound seemed to be coming from above.

I guess since your ears are to the side of each other you can only determine whether a sound is more to the left or right of you - not front vs behind, or above vs below.

doesn't apply if you're lying sideways on your sofa of course...

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