Can I mount a tv above a storage heater...


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I am looking at changing my lounge around and moving my tv.
The way the room is set up, I cannot set up surround sound, and it is impossible to view the TV "head on"....
As you can see in the pic, the storage heater is covered, with no vents on the top, can I place the TV above it though?


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If it was me personally I wouldn't. Even though there are no vents at the top the heat coming out of the front will still rise and could overheat the TV. Also, you may see distortions on the screen from the heated air like you see on a hot road in summer on bright images.


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As an electrician, I must point out putting cabinets around a storage heater can cause them to overheat and the thermal trip to pop, requiring an electrician to reset it or replace it (depending on the type fitted)

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