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Can I match my HD card to two boxes??


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Hi all,
I have finally finished building my home theatre and resent paying Sky for a second HD subscription as I will never watching TV in both rooms at the same time.

is there ANY WAY WHAT SO EVER that I could pair my card to a second box or change the serial number in the second box to trick the card?



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As far as iam aware you can only pair a card to a single box at a time. However you can remove your card and put it into another box and view the non premium channels ie everything except sport and movies. I move my card between my lounge and cinema room and it works fine including the hd channels. If I need to watch anything else including recordings I just move the box.


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If you will never watch both TVs at the same time then a second Sky HD box seems wasteful - a better solution would be to extend the main HD box to the second location if possible. An HDMI splitter would allow you to run a second set at HD resolution via the splitter and a second HDMI cable, and running an additional coax cable would allow you to control the channels via the RF2 port.

If you have an original Thomson box you could use the component output and suitable cables to avoid the need for an hdmi splitter. If running the HD and RF cables is impractical the advice in the previous post is your only option.
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The home theatre is in a separate building at the rear of the garden so's I can't run an HDMI/Componant down there, also don't wanna trapse up and down with a box:(.

I'm hoping one of the tech guys on here will know how to make the card think that the two boxes are one and the same.

I think its a liberty that you can't move your card about, ultimately you wouldn't be getting 'more tv' out of 'em.


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I can assure you that there is " NO WAY" sky would allow a card to work in different boxes, .. just think about it, it would lose sky a fortune.


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I pay a higher council tax than next door because my house has three toilets.

But I don't go to the loo more often and I've yet to work out how to use more than one at a time.

Same principle. :devil:

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