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Can I leave snow channel on all night?


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i have a serious screen burn on my PS42Q97HDX,no idea how its got there unless the wife has done something daft with it while i was at work.. but if i pop it on all white there is a light blue band top to bottom in the middle of the screen about 20cm wide :( can also make out some sky planner boxes in it.
i have tried all white and the other samsung screen burn tool but not for very long.after reading up on here it seems like an untuned snow channel overnight may help??
got to try something as its really noticable when white things,ie antarctica are on screen.just took out the comet extended warranty also,got a feeling i might be needing it :eek:


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If it really is screen burn then the warranty won't be much help but I suspect it is just a bit of a persistent image that will fade given more time.

How long have you used the tried the removal tools for?

Burn tends to build up slowly over a very long time a persistent image can happen quite suddenly after only a short time with a static image on screen.

Sounds like someone went out and left the sky planner up and didn't notice till they got home again.


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Plasma warranty usually excludes screen burn I'm afraid, but it doesn't sound like thats what it is to me.

If I was reporting this I wouldn't even mention the words burn or retention. Just report blue bands across the screen as it's more likely to be a panel failure IMO (but I'm in no way an expert).


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not too worried now ive bought the warranty,been like it for a few weeks at least,just noticed how bad it really was today though after finding the white screen option.is this a common issue with the screens?

on a side note,since the day it came out of the box there was a fleck of metal behind the screen about 1mm long,can be annoying on some scenes but maybe a tool to use towards getting a new screen?? looks like a bit of swarf found its way in during construction.only gave the removal tool 10 mins lol,says in the book at least an hour..


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just an update,banding is still there,exactly the same and i have an engineer coming out on thursday to look at it,they didnt question me much on the phone,just confirming it was happening with all sources.heres a pic,bit tricky to see in the pic though.



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Sorry to break it to you but no warranty I know of will cover image retention/screen burn.

From what you described it sounded like image retention of the Sky planner (how I hate Sky for it, and the 'The programme has finished' thing that pops up when a recorded programme has finished), but the photo you posted doesn't look like that.

In my experience the best screenburn fixer on the Samsung is the one called 'signal pattern'. Let it run overnight if you can.


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its not screen burn,there are a few posts on here and on google about faulty buffer ICs that cause this blue banding.tilt the pc monitor and the blue in the pic shows up lots more for some reason?!

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