Can I keep my cables/speakers if I swap my home cinema box ?


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I currently have a Sony BDV-E370 5.1 blu-ray system. Theres a bit of a lip sync issue which is known about although theres no known solution. I called Richer Sounds today and they says to bring it back and they'll deduct the purchase price I paid from any other system I want.

I'm thinking of getting an AV amp instead and I'd then have to buy a seperate 5.1 speaker set. However in order to make the box swap as easy as possible, I'd like to keep the existing cabling and if possible, the speakers as well. I've still to run this past Richer Sounds to see if they'd let me do that (probably by deducting an amount for the speakers I'm keeping) but assuming they would, is it something thats possible and if so, would you recommend it ?

i.e. Is there any difference between the cabling you get in an all-in-one system versus the cabling you get when buying a budget set of speakers ?

Would my existing all-in-one 5.1 speakers be compatible with any AV amp ?

Keeping the cabling would mean I don't have to lift carpets and stuff, so thats why I'm keen on doing this if possible.

PS - I'd be connecting Sky HD to the AV setup. As most will be aware, the normal setup here is to do video via HDMI and audio via optical. My question is do all AV amps allow you to automatically get audio from a specific optical input when selecting a specific HDMI video input channel ?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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As this comes as an all in one I think (that is includes speakers ) I think they would want speakers back. They would may be not be so bothered about wire unless it has special ends for this set up.
Speakers would work with av amp but better are avaliable so I do not think they would be a big loss.
I assume you are getting a blueray player as well. AV amps are amps only (or recivers with radio)
Digital sound and vision inputs are usuall asignable as you wish. But check when you consider different models.


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Thanks. What about the cables ? Would they work with any amp/speakers ? They have no special connectors....just the typical bit of bare wire at each end.
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