Can I just plug two different SIP phones into one network and expect it to work?


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I am just sorting out the networking/phones in our new home, I plan on getting a draytek 2900VG to use with ntl 10MB broadband. I will be plugging my DECT 3 pack of cordless phones into the RJ11 port on this.

My question is, can I plug more than one SIP phone in to my network and have it all work fine? for instance could I get two snom300s or two grandstreams and just have them work like they would if I plugged two phones into a normal phone line?



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You would need to set them to listen on different SIP ports, this is usually 5060, set the next SIP phone to 5061 and so on. Then set the router to forward the correct port to the correct phone. You also need to adjust the RTP port ranges and make sure there's no overlap. This applies whether they are both registered with the same provider (and hence function as "extensions") or different providers.


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thanks for that Jon. I'll get the credit card out.
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