Can I imput other digital sources through a ARCAM DV-88 or ARCAM UDP-411 DVD Player


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I have recently upgraded from my Arcam DV-88 to the Arcam UDP-411. I have always enjoyed the sound stage produced by Arcam and only upgraded to get more video quality. I can only describe Arcam Sound as “Magical”

I am curious to know if there is a way to get the signals from other sources into the Arcam so that they can be processed through its (board or processor) so that it comes out ”Magical” as well?

First of all - if there is a product out there that already does this please let me know. I no longer have an Arcam dealer nearby. I have tried my best to look through their product line but am uncertain.

I have thought of using my old DV-88 and taking it apart and trying to somehow disconnect the disc reader and plug in a different digital source. (Not sure if that would work though - my AV hacking skills are rudimentary).

Have also wondered about the UDP-411 network port and the Arcam Music Life App. I haven’t got it set up but I am hoping to do more than just stream music from my phone. I would like to stream movies from Disney+ As well as listen to better sound from my cable provider when watching programs like “America’s got Tallent” and the “Voice“. Is there a way to input through this network port?
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