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Can I have your views on watching Widescreen DVDs on an Ordinary 29" 4:3 TV

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Glenzo, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Glenzo

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    Sep 3, 2004
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    Co. Armagh

    This is an issue I've thought about for quite a while but I've never heard any real comments.

    To the point..... I have two DD/DTS set ups, 1 via a JVC 16:9 TV which is new and another with an older but expensive 29" 4:3 Panasonic.

    Now I prefer watching the Widescreen DVDs on the 4:3, the picture is lovely and basically a breath of fresh air over widescreen and my dads new 36" Panasonic Widescreen. It's more rich detailed and oozes of clarity etc.

    I have my player outputing the DVD so I only get a small black bar top and bottom for eg. on 2:35.1 Movie and none on a 1:85.1. I DON'T APPEAR TO LOSE OUT ON ANY IMAGE EITHER.

    I may get the opportunity to review some DVDs in the future. Is a 4:3 TV okay? Am I getting the full picture?

    I get the impression these days that 16:9 TVs are the norm and people would frown upon an ordinary one. (Until they see mine and complain that their widscreen's picture is crap compared).

    I know in the US/Can they seem to prefer a large screen 4:3 TV and buy the DVDs on Widescreen (just like me!) Widescreens in the stores there are outnumbered too.

    Any interesting comments or light on the subject would be appreciated! :thumbsup:
  2. Laurel&Hardy


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    Basically you are losing some of the image. 1.85:1 is about 16:9, so movies mastered in this way fit a widescreen TV screen with no bars. 2.35:1 looks like cinemascope on a widescreen, so since you see no bars on 1.85:1 then you are missing the outer parts of the picture. Either that or everything looks real thin!!

    I would like to know what in comparison makes your panasonic 4:3 better than the Panny 36" 16:9. This surprises me considering Panasonic's pedigree.

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