Can I go back to Sky+ ?


I would appreciate some advice so thanks in advance anyone who is able to help.

I now have Sky HD and the box I have is faulty and it will have to be sent away to be repaired. The fan noise is too much (and I have tried all the 'power down' tricks as well. Nothing works.

One of my mates has Sky HD and his box is 'noisy' but he says its silent so clearly its my sensitive hearing. Can I plug in my old Sky+ box and just ask sky to re-pair the card to the old box? I may decide just to stick with Sky+. I already have another mate who wants to but my HD box so that's ok.:thumbsup:

When Sky put me back to a Sky+ subscription will they stop charging me for HD? (I'm aware that they will charge me probably for a month)

Many thanks.


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If you are within 28 days (1 month) of your contract (taking out Sky Hd) then yes you can cancel HD no questions asked.

If you have had Sky HD over a month then you can move down to Sky+ but you will have to pay the £10 HD subs for the whole year.

So in short if its over 1 month of sky ownership keep the HD as you will have to pay for it anyway it makes sense to use the service otherwise its up to you.


Wow ! I didn't know they would keep you to the Sky HD subscription all year ! I only activated last Tuesday so I should be ok. Thanks mate.

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