Can i get multi channel pcm using my Denon AVC A11XVA


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Can i get multi channel pcm using my Denon AVC A11XVA through the hdmi when using a Sony BD350 playing DTS MA blu-ray?
Works fine when using Dolby True HD blu-rays.
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When I had a similar problem with a BD 550 Sony player, I found cycling the input 'mode' back around to 'auto' sorted it out.

It's the button in the group underlined with the name 'input' and marked 'mode', near the phono connector (behind the front panel 'flap'). It would probably work left back on 'PCM' too as well :)

That assumes the the player is successfully outputting PCM, and the the input selected has been configured for HDMI, but it sounds like you already had that side going at one point...

Ken B.


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Hi Again,

On having a look at the differences between a BDP-S350 and BDP-S550 it looks like the problem is a bit more fundamental....

The 350 does not internally decode DTS MA as multi channel PCM as far as I can see - so that would explain a lot :rolleyes:

Serves me right for assuming those models weren't that different.


Ken B.

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