Can i get cinema sound through the TV??



this is my first question and i need help! The other day i received my Samsung SP50L6HX with a Samsung home cinema system including dvd player. When i play ANY dvd the movie is surrounded by a black border. I accept that on a movie shot in widescreen there will be a black letterbox effect at the top and bottom, but there is about 5" of black on the left and right. I thought i could just press the zoom button and the picture would now fill all 50" of the screen (with maybe the letterbox top and bottom). Well i can't zoom in or make the picture fit the screen, on the menu i can only access the 4:3 or 16:9 format. In the 4:3 the screen has black all around and in 16:9 this just stretches the picture left and right (deforming it). Is ther any way i can make dvds fill all 50" of the T.V.???
the two are connected via a HDMI lead and the cinema system only works when watching dvds. Can i get the sound from the T.V. to go through all 5 speakers like the dvs???.
Please be basic in your answer as i don't fully understand all the jargon.

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