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Can i get a htpc for £200 to 250 online


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are there any online shops that do these machines for this price.I dont want a boxee or acer revo.I just want a silent small machine for my bedroom,i can put win 7 on myself.it has to be wireless n .i just want to go on the web and stream live sports to my bedroom and other basic stuff
and maybe use it as my fulltime media player.


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i am a bit ****** off at the moment because i was just on ebuyer getting
their special deal of an emachine for £99,i had it in my basket and added
a flash drive and a mini wireless keyboard,as i got to the checkout the emachine had sold out,so i nearly smashed my pc.And the revo is the cheapest around on ebuyer so i wont be spending my money there,
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The £99 deal was very limited and you shouldn't be bitter about missing out on that, while it was a great deal it's not their fault...
Also please let's not make offensive remarks about companies here, thank you.

You're willing to not buy a Revo because it's cheapest on eBuyer, yet you don't want to use them because they put something up at a very low price and you missed out?

I can't help but think you're only punishing yourself here, mate :(

The Revo does what your after perfectly and is within your budget so just buy that?

I couldn't put together a half decent htpc for less than £400 when I looked and ending up spending near £700 to build my current one although that does include buying windows 7.


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i was just angry for a minute:D
but still perplexed what to buy.Is anything coming down the pipe in the next month or 2 that can be of use to me.I have seen the fluxx player but
i dont think it can stream well enuff.


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Don't be a cry baby and get a Revo from Ebuyer.
Nothing coming out in the next two months is going to be much better than the Revo for your money.

It does everything you want so why do you need anything different. I built my own as I had a budget 3x the size of yours and fancied building my own PC but the Revo is perfect for what you asked for.

Buy it from somewhere else if you've got a hump with ebuyer being so cheap.


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i just threw a hissy fit.i will go back to ebuyer to buy stuff in the future.
i just get the feeling if i bought it the day after something brilliant will come out for the same price but i think we all feel like that sometimes when we want to buy a product


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I'd definitely say go for the revo too.

I didn't and built my own instead. But after buying all the bits and pieces, and having them too long to return, I ended up changing the set up of my build to incorporate a NAS, and the revo did basically everything else I wanted, but cost a little less.

Yes, my home build is probably more powerful etc, but that power isn't needed for simply playing ripped films, and my case is much bigger than a revo.

So I say go for it!!


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If you want some extra snappiness with Windows 7, why not consider getting one based on the AMD E350 Zacate? These will be more responsive than any Atom and the integrated Radeon HD 6310 puts Ion to shame. This one seems nice, fast and silent. If you're streaming a lot of video, maybe you should consider a homeplug AV instead of wireless N as well.

Hope this helps!

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