Can I get a 2 way Ethernet Splitter


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My wife sometimes users her laptop in the kitchen but is unable to use the TP Link adapter as there is only the one ethernet port.Can I get a two way ethernet splitter so I can leave the one can going to the router and another going to her laptop.I have got a 5 mt cable I can use which is long enough for what we need.


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The device you want is called a network switch. They generally come with a minimum of 5 ports these days.

I guess you might be able to find a specialist two port one if you're really pressed for space, although the 5 port ones are very small. It sounds like a homeplug setup and swapping the plug for one with multiple ports would save you even more space.


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Consider also a Wifi Router. They're so much tidier and less troublesome than cables if you aren't trying to transmit through thick walls or transferring big lots of data.

TP Link, you're already familiar with. They do them and I theirs has a switch in it.

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