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Can i ditch my PC monitor for a Plasma?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by martin123, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. martin123


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    Im nearly tempted to completely ditch my 19" monitor & get a 42" plasma. I'll only get a plasma if its as good as monitor is for browsing the net, web design etc.

    Im on a budget so will be spending £1500 MAX so will a plasma be good enough for ditching my monitor ? I'd use a plasma mainly for my pc - playing PC games, watching DVDs through my PC & also the occasional NTL digital TV. I dont want to buy a plasma if im going to be connect it to my PC & find that browsing the net looks wierd :nono:

    Or am i better off spending my money on a 21" TFT monitor ? The LG 42" Plasma LG RZ42PX11 is the best plasma ive seen for £1500, anyone used this on their PC? Thanks
  2. johndon

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    Feb 3, 2002
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    From what I can find, the LG has a resolution of 852*480 so, for the best picture, you should set the PC to that resolution - do you really want to surf the web at such a low resolution?

    You can send a higher res signal to the PC (for example I can send a 1920*1080 signal to my Hitachi which has a native res of 1024*1024) but the panel will have to scale the picture to fit it's native resolution which can make text dificult to read.

    For PC use, you'd be better off, IMHO, with a TFT monitor rather than a low res plasma.



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