Can I connect the RGB from my DVD to two plasma screens?




Having just installed a second Panasonic Plasma in my house, I was wondering if I could view my dvd player on this screen by some form of RGB splitter/amplifier system.

I've seen many scart 1 - 2 amplified splitters, but none for using RGB component leads.
The sound is not relevant as I'm running a multi zone Denon with speakers in the room, it's just the picture that I need to display, and I would like the option of having both screens on at the same time, not one or the other.

Thanks if any one can help
AV newbie, Trevor P.


Thanks for the reply,

I had seen them splitters on Ebay, but they don't amplify the signal. I have read that these result in a darker picture due to the signal being split, and the resulting resistance mis-match.

I'm hoping someone knows is if there is a little powered unit that will ensure the signal strength isn't lost by running the two outputs.

The cable runs are quite long aswell (around 10 - 15m each), which won't help.

AV Newbie
Trevor P.

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