can I connect speaker terminal to RCA sub ?


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Hi all,

My dad recently bought a Panasonic 310 all-in-one but without the speaker package (stock clearance) and a set of Panasonic speakers (5.1 setup) naively believing they would just work.

The 310 has speaker terminal connections for the 5 satellites, and also a speaker terminal specifically for the subwoofer. with no sub-out RCA.

The Active Subwoofer with the speaker package has only got a single RCA line level input, is there any way he can connect the two together.

The amp section of the all-in-one does have a tape loop, but as I understand it this would not allow the volume of the sub to be controlled with the volume of the system.

hope this makes sense,

thanks in advance



I've used a gizmo to turn the speaker outs of a car stereo into line level. Dunno if it could cope with high wattage though. Try your local ICE dealer.

Maybe maplins do one.?



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thanks for your reply,

I bought one this morning from Maplin (Shark High TO Low Impedance Matching Transformer), before reading that it can only cope with 30W per channel, the subwoofer output from the amp is rated at 100W, so looks like a none starter.

but this is the kind of thing I'm interested in...

any more suggestions gratefully received



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