Can I connect Sony DAVS300 speakers to an AV receiver?


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Hi. Currently I have....

Sharp LC46X20E
Sharp Blu~RAY
V+ box

I have an old Sony DAVS300 all in one and as per title of thread if I buy a new AV receiver can I connect the speakers from the Sony into it? I know the sound wouldn't be that good but that way I can upgrade to better speakers at a later date.

If it is possible, I believe the Sony speakers are 30W so what is the power of the receiver I need to look for? I am currently looking at the Sony STRDG510 which is 5 x 100W (too powerful?) or the Samsung AVR620 5 x 50W.

Any responses will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

The Hemulen

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You can but as you say the speakers supplied with the DAV-S300 are pretty cheap and nasty beasts. Also bear in mind that the DAV-S300 sub is a passive design powered by the main amp. I've not checked the receivers you mentioned but I would imagine the sub connection is at low level and needs an active sub.
One final thing, the speakers probably have little or no bass below 150Hz (if that) which would require a very high sub filter setting.


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PLEASE check the speaker impedances before connecting to the Samsung AVR620 - SONY speakers are often less than 4 ohms and could burn out the new amplifier (which probably only works with 8 ohms)!!! (Also note the Samsung has 50W x 6 so it can use a passive subwoofer).
I am looking for something to connect my PS3 and SKY+ to but cannot decide between the Sony HTSF1100 and the Samsung AVR620 + Tannoy speaker package. The latter would allow me to build a second sub (stealth plant pot stand) to connect to the extra output on the Amp!! (I like mega Bass!). Only drawback is that the Samsung only has 1 optical input but I can get an Optical to Co-Ax converter for £13 at Maplin so that solves the problem.:thumbsup:


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I upgraded recently from Sony DAVS300 to CA 540R V3 receiver with Quad 11L2 speakers (2.0 as of now). I was also planning to use the sony speakers for surround. However, they are 30W speakers with 3 ohm impedance. I feel that the CA would be too much for these speakers and have decided against using them.


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