Can I connect my sky dish to my freeview + box and use it as an aerial?


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I have freeview + and an annoying indoor aerial which has good reception, but takes up space on my desk and has an annoying blue light.
I used to have sky digital and just outside my bedroom window where my TV is, is the dish that was put there. Can I connect my freeview + box to the sky dish to use as a freeview + aerial instead of my indoor one?


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Freeview uses terrestrial signals, which is a different system altogether from satellite TV. You will only be able to make use of the Sky dish with a satellite receiver.


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Whilst what you ask isn't possible for the reasons given, there are some other solutions:

1 - If the blue light on the aerial annoys you either stick a bit of black tape over it (I had to on a monitor) or try a different aerial.
2 - Try the aerial in other places in the room where it doesn't take up desk space and you can't see the blue light.
3 - As you seem to be in a good reception area mount an aerial outside the bedroom window (assuming you're facing the transmitter)
4 - Get a Freesat box then you'd be able to use the existing Sky dish

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