Can I connect a CD player to an AV reciever.



Hi all, I'm currently considering getting the HK 507 AV reciever with the HK 5-6 DVD player to go with some 7.1 Infinity Oreus Satelites. However as I know my DVD players are usually poor at playing normal CDs I am also considering geting a separate CD player for around £250. Can I connect this to the AV Reciever in addition to the DVD player and get good results? (or do I need a separate stereo amp as well.



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I have the same system as you, and haven't a cd yet either. I remember others saying that the cd sound of the 507 is very good, but I might be mistaken.


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ultimately its up to your ears and your pocket, but if you have a look in HiFi section you will see that there is strong argument on both extra CD player and extra stereoamp for good replay of music. Try borrowing a mate's stereo amp, or go visit a friend/dealer.

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Yep, you can connect a CD player to a receiver with no problems at all - there should be a CD input. I'm using a Yamaha AV receiver with a NAD CD player and Pioneer DVD player. I've found a dedicated CPD suits my needs/preferences best.

BTW, The NAD C521BEE is an excellent buy at £200.

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