can I compress the shared folders


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I have a 6tb WHS Server which in theory should last me a while :smashin: (famous last words as I ran out of space on my 3tb linux server :))

So to preempt building a 3rd server:eek: I was wondering could I compress the shares on the D:\ drive just like any other ntfs drive?

I'm assuming as with normal ntfs partitions the software wont know its compressed just a little slower to access as windows uncompresses the file down the pipe. If I turn on folder duplication will the duplicates be compressed? (only really relevant if I compress the photos directory which is duplicated)

I was thinking of compressing the video share folder either entirely or just compressing certain film/tv show directories which I have already watch and dont need immediate access to (sort of an online archive).

If I compress the whole folder then I will be streaming compressed ISO files - does this work without stutter. If it does stutter because of the decompression then I would only compress the films I have watched and wont be watching for a while. Uncompressing them if I wanted to watch them again.



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Just saw this thread ;-)

Hadn't considered compression, or its effect on transfer speeds, until now.

What HDD's are you using for your WHS?


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in my linux server (which was my video/twonky/music etc server) they were 6x 500gb samsung spinpoints. The root disk was a mirroed 40gb ide

The whs server which was to replace it but now is just the video server is 6x1tb samsung spinpoints. It did have 5 initially as I put one of them into my sky HD box :)

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