Can I change RF Channel on Panasonic Digi Box?



I just got SKY installed and have it routed to upstairs via RF channel which has a load of interference on it. I assume it's tuned to channel 58 as I had a similar problem with a DVD recorder which I retuned to channel 68 and cured it.

There are no instructions with the digi box (Panasonic TU-DSB40) for changing the rf output channel, does anyone know how to do it or do I need an engineer?

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You can do this in hidden installation menu. Default is usually 68 though, not 58

Off the top of my head you go to services
system set up
then press 0,1 I think to give you menu.

I don't have Sky only SkyPlus which has different menu's so can't confirm exactly. There has been a recent post from someone else about this hidden menu so you should be able to do a search and get more details



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hollie.weimeran - It is as Gordon said but SELECT at the end. You can then set the RF channel output between 21 and 69.


Thanks 4 that. It was set to 58 as my dvdr was set to 68. Now sorted cheers:D
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