Can I buy a dvd recorder in the US & bring it to the UK ?




Will it work in the UK ?

What should i look out for ?


mad Hatter


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DVD's sold in USA are region 1 coded. You need a multiregion dvd player or recorder to play them here in the U.K. They will also play in your PC dvd-rom or writer provided the region coding is set to region 1.

Region 1 dvd's can also be purchased online from outlets such as - just switch to the international site from their homepage.


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I don't think it would be worth at,
1. no warranty
2. might be only a region 1 player even if they say it's multi-region.
3. electric supply and plug will need to be change.
4. It would have to go in with your suitcases, you know how they get abused!".
Hope that answer's you question?.


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Owey, he's talking about a DVD - not a player.

So, yes, if you have a multi-region player (or a PC) then you'll be OK.


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It might be worth checking with the original poster, do you mean a DVD Recorder or a recorded DVD disc from the USA ?


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PCs usually limit the number of region changes you can make to a DVD drive.
If you have two DVD drives problem solved.


sorry folks i did mean recorder and bring not brink :oops:

If its not worth the hassle tehn I'll not bother, just thought it might save me a few quid...


Mad Hatter

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