Can i buff out scratches ?


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Hi every one,

just recently my 2 year old son has decided to use my plasma as an upright race track for his toy cars.
Now there is nothing major done to it but it has caused some very minute surface scratches which can only be seen at a couple inches away and only if your head is turned to the light.
however, i want to try and get rid of them no matter how small they are, is there any special kind of polish i can use on the glass to reduce them or remove them totaly ?
Maybe some thing that i could also use on the plastic surround as i also noticed thats had its fair share of abuse in the past too :thumbsdow

thanks for any info


speaking to a glassblower where i work you can repair the minor scratches but because the substance you would normally use on glass is heated to such a high temperature it will probably damage the screen of the t.v. delicate parts behind the glass etc would be damaged


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I'm sure you can't buff out scratches due to the anti-reflective coating on the screen which can be damaged with scratch removing products.


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i remember reading a post a while back where someone used toothpaste and a buff,yes toothpaste!!!.they seemed happy with the result.
It would take some convincing for me i think.:rolleyes:


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damn, not really the kind of answers i was hoping for.
like i said though they are that small and feint you would never know they were there unless you really tried hard to look for them.
I think i might be a little overprotective of the tv anyway, ill just have to make sure the kids dont go near it again

thanks for the replies guys


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My mate once tried to buff out a scrape on the face of his Philips CRT TV. He used cerium oxide powder, used for rock tumbling, available from craft shops.

It did reduce the scrape (takes ages) but it removed the anti-glare coating leaving and obvious patch when light was shining on the screen at the right angle.

Steve N

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The traditional way of removing minor scratches from glass is with jewellers rouge.
It's a very, very fine abrasive.
I've used it on an old, scratched watch face to good effect though it took ages.

If you have a local glass or mirror specialist they often have supplies and will be able to advise you and maybe even let you have some foc.

I'd heed previous advice though, and check whether you'll remove any coatings on the screen and make matters worse.

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