Can I break out to the PSTN with Skype?



Well after my last request for assistance, I got nothing but an ear/eye bashing so let me ask something else..... :oops:

I want to call our offices in Australia and New Zealand. I realise that if they have downloaded Skype that I can connect to them for free! Yah! :clap:

BUT, if I wanted to call a customer who was experiencing difficulty in Australia for instance, can I call my Austtralian office through Skype and then breakout onto the PSTN to make a local call in Australia; even though I'm calling from London??

I need to test this for my boss before we spend any huge amounts of cash!

THIS IS NOT FOR TELESALES!! Only calling our customers - :nono:


Cable Monkey

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I honestly don't know if it possesses a number forwarding option having only had a quick play with Skype in the past. You may want to contact Skype and ask?

Oh, and there was no need to make reference to the old post. That is done and dusted.


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Could you not just use skype out, its probably not much dearer than what you are describing.

Monty Burns

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This is exactly what "Skype-Out" is. All you do is buy Skype-Out credit which is incredibly cheap, well that is until you start dialing mobiles or premium rate... then you get really spanked! :rotfl:

I currently live in Germany but use Skype out to call all my friends n family back in the UK.

As John says, skip any fancy ideas and just use Skype-Out, works a treat!


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I think what you are saying is that you want to break out onto the pstn from your remote office not you london one.

Is this for the call to appear that it is local or is it to be cheaper, ie using internet for free to your ofcie and then out onto local pstn so only pay the local rate.

This is not posible using skype as thye do the breakout onto pstn for you.

Would the cost of using skype be comparable to using your idea to make a local call, if not then I can understand the need.

One way would be to set VPNs between the offices then set your phone system to route the calls acordingally.

Ie when you made a call to a wellington customer it routed your call out of the switch board in you closest office.

Monty Burns

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Er ...correct Mucca mate. :)

I used London as an example, i'm fairly sure they would support all the major Aussie cities and allow calls from there at a local rate or cheaper.

*edit: ignore above ... im being a part of the male body :D


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You can use the AU-600 to forward phone calls from Skype to normal PSTN phones or vice versa (i.e. someone uses his/her normal phone to ring you on Skype :) ), or even a conference call with both voip & PSTN.

I haven't tried it yet, but reading the user manual I think it meets your needs:

Hope it helps!


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• Forward Skype™ calls to your mobile phone
• Make Skype™ calls from your mobile phone even when you are away from your
• Switch between a Skype™ call and a regular phone call
Please view the readme.txt that is installed with the AU-600 driver. It lists any known
issues that may exist.

now that is some good features


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Actually, I am very tempted with the AU-600 when reading its user manual. However, when I asked the seller, he told me that at the moment it is not compatible with voipbustermate/x-ten mate etc. It is only compatible with skypemate. I think because it is still new in the market, it hasn't got a lot of supports yet. However, I think in the near future it will be compatible with other voip softwares.

Does anyone know any other info?


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