Can I Auto-replicate My Email On 2 Computers?


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I have two PCs connected online via a router. Up to now I have chosen to use just one of these PCs (using Outlook Express on Windows Xp) to manage my email.
The other PC runs Windows 7 and therefore on this I would have to use Windows Live Mail (which I have not yet attempted to use).
I do not want to utilise my ISP’s web mail services, but I would like to set up both PCs so that all my email folders become automatically replicated and stored in each PC irrespective of which one I am using. Can I do this without resorting to complex networking?


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Are they connected to the same router or are they in different locations?

Do you want to keep using outlook express/windows live mail?

If your e-mail account and e-mail programs support it then I would check the box to leave the e-mail on the server (as opposed to deleting it as you normally would after download).


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Thank you Endless Waves.
Yes, and yes, to your questions.
I will investigate the possibility of keeping email on the server. I had assumed there would be no option but for it to be automatically deleted from the server soon after I had sent/received.


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To be able to keep your e-mail on multiple machines you need an IMAP setup rather than a POP one.
To be able to advise properly I would need to know more about your e-mail setup as not all e-mail accounts support IMAP.

The setting that EndlessWaves is talking about is found in the Advanced tab in the account settings. There is a bit of a drawback if you check the box. Although it leaves a copy on the server it is not intelligent enough to realise that it has already been downloaded so what you get is lots of replication.

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Not sure if that's true: I've got mine set to leave a copy on the virginmedia server but when I open Windows Mail, it only downloads new stuff.

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Who provides your email service at the moment?

Have you thought about using the likes of Google or Microsoft to host your email which will then allow you to use either a web interface instead of a fat client or programs like Outlook in proper server mode.

Both can be had for free (even if you are using your own mail domain)

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