Can HDMI projectors give sound without a reciever?

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I'm interested in trying out a projector for a small home cinema. I'd have a very modest budget (around £500), and only a basic analogue 2-channel CD amplifier for sound. I'm just wondering if it's normal for projectors to supply some method of audio-out for HDMI-users in my situation, or if it's something I'd have to look for specifically. (Other forms of input I use, I think, have the right plugs built-in or easily available from an adapter. Like component cables - they just use twin RCA phono, right?)

I've seen one projector that seems to fit my bill, but I can't work out if the audio-out is 3.5mm or TOSLINK:

Optoma GT750 3D DLP Gaming Projector (300:1, 3500 Lumens, 1280 x 800): Electronics

Also, that projector's tiny throw ratio (0.72:1) does, well, throw me a little, as I'd need a ceiling mount to properly use it - it needs to be so close! - and there's no zoom at all.

Actually, as an aside, if I wanted the screen to be relatively small (90" or so) and quite low, starting ~3ft from the top of the wall, would a ceiling mount even be feasible? The projector has 40° vertical keystone correction, but I'm not sure if that would help *lower* the image. I'm quite tech-literate but this home cinema jargon is new to me!

Many thanks in advance for any replies :)
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That PJ is an ultra short throw PJ mate. As for sound some PJ's actually have a speaker built in but they are rubbish. You don't need sound out though you just take it from the source.


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Why do you want the screen so low? Are you laying on the floor to watch it lol. No seriously you can get extending ceiling mounts to bring them down lower.

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