Can anyone with SKY Q 4k check if raiders of the lost ark has just been added pls


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it's just popped up on sky cinema to download, it's a different version to the most recent bbc screening in April, so was just wondering (a long shot!) if the version on Q was upped in 4k? It also seems to have more LFE than the bbc version, at the moment it's download only, i couldn't see any actual channel screenings, i know that sometimes sky has paramount movies in 4k before they appear on disc, i only have sky hd and cant see a way of checking what's available on sky UHD, thanks


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Checked my Sky Cinema for it there and it just looks like its just HD. Couldn't see a 4K option..
I've a Sky Q box, some movies can have the option of UHD but not this one..

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