Can anyone tell me if you can get replacement Sony DVD 5.1 remote controls anywhere?

Paul MC007

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Hi there

Does anyone know if there is anywhere at all, where you can get a replacement remote control for a Sony DAV SB100 all in one, 5.1 player?

I have one, and the remote control sometimes behaves very erratically whilst adjusting the volume. If I press the volume up/down button, sometimes (not all time) the red light for the tv function comes on and either changes the function (if watching tv upon pressing the volume button it might change it over to DVD mode) and sometimes changes the AV input...

I've tried changing the batteries, but it still does this!

It's easy to put back again, obviously, but is quite annoying and wondered if anyone, anywhere would have these??



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you could either buy one from sony,which could cost small fortune,or if you are lucky,a good all in one remote,maybe with a learning function,so you could programme it before the old one finally gives up the ghost.
or there is always partmaster,i suppose,on currys site..
they might sell one.

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