Can anyone suggest?



A good amplifier & speaker setup with a budget of around £1000£1250? I've not had the chance to demo anything but if anyone can recommend some suitable combinations I will try and find somewhere to demo them. The room is quite small 13ft long and 9ft wide and completely empty apart from a Tosh 42wt29 and a small sofa.

Any help would be appreciated,



Have a listen to the Gallos - they are a popular choice at the moment.


Also B&W 602s3 are very good + Atacama stands (round £400 for both)

Amp wise I have auditioned the 602 using the New Rotel Rb-02 (£379)Intergrated and it sounds articulate and has plenty of headroom for party levels- shoud you want it. (£100ish for cables)


I am running B&W 603s3 (£400 in the classified of AVFORUMS) otherwise £600new. Powered by a Rotel Pre-Amp (check and x2 Rotel RB-03 Power Amps (£550) which are bridged into Mono Amps, one running the left speaker the other doing the business for the right speaker.

These sound very open and lively. They are punchy which suits my wifes taste in music (KORN) and they have decent extension. They also sing like angels when asked to (The Carpenters CD is particulary good - if you like that type of music)

(Individually these components have been praised by the majority of people on this site so this is a result of that....)

>Velodyne Subwoofer from the PowerBuys Section - the CHT 10 (around £350)
add to this a set of KEF Q1 (around £250)+Stands (£100 ish) Cables - set aside £100ish
Total £800

Leaves you with upto £425 for an Amp.

Hope this helps.....the setups available are endless.



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