Can anyone suggest a good budget LG 42" 4K...?


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My Dad has been using an old 32" Samsung 720p thing for 11/12 years, even NOW TV stick (which has ROKU written on it?) he just bought says TV IS INCOMPATIBLE probably due to HDMI spec IMO. - he has a
Freesat Box,
a DVD Player,
a soundbar after the sound went funny
an Android box he cant n doesn't use,
about 6 controls - he got the NOW TV from BnM to watch some free content and Netflix...but it says YOUR TV IS INCOMPATIBLE... but continues and asks for codes, i cant get there to help.

anyway, I have tried all brands and found LG to be the best, you guys advised me to get rid of the Samsung 55" LED as it broke down twice and they gave me back £800 + an extra £200 and I was advised to add another £200 and get the LG B8 at £1200 - it was like day and night... brilliant...

but, my dad doesn't like spending money at all...he said he won't be getting a new TV after I advised it as it will get rid of all the stuff around the TV and controls, he will have 1 control, excellent picture and sound if he keeps the soundbar only (even though my LG sounded better than the free soundbar worth £150 i got with it so sold it!!) and it will give him more content to watch than currently has? but he said no, i like the TV heating the room up...??!! ive even told him that after 5-6 years the TV will have paid for itself over power consumption as going from CCFL-backlit to LED-backlit (before the OLED which is actually using more than CCFL did) saved me about £7 a month in electricity usage (smart meter monitor)

can anyone please advise a decent 42

- this TV would need to be 32"to 42" (or slightly bigger if must/can) , Freesat built-in as he has a satellite dish set up for it so that's a MUST - mine has both built-in.
it would need the apps which come on all TVs these days I presume... Netflix and BBC Iplayer etc and 4K...not bothered about Dolby Vision, real 10-bit panel or OLED as these are price boosters....

looking to spend hopefully £400 ish - ive set that not him but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as im not up to date with which is best budget LG

cheers and thanks in advance

EDIT: ive been looking and the LG 49UM7050PLF would be ideal. its around £350-£400 but is hard to find as its not in stock in that size in many places, to go smaller costs more and might not have the same tech, on LG site it says its 10-Bit (I dont believe that, i think it really 8-bit+FRC just they are somehow allowed to put 10-Bit on the box - also says it has Tru-Motion 100 which he would like to have

I was told to ensure it was a real 10-bit panel it MUST be UHD PREMIUM certified? is this correct?
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Baseline models that are recommended for HDR and have Freesat built in would be:

2019, may be hard to find now:
Samsung 49Q70R

2020 models, currently overpriced, but will come down in price over time:
Samsung 49Q80T/Q85T

Beware that these TVs all have very narrow viewing angles, and must only be used in front.

These models make specs needed to handle HDR correctly. The actual bit depth of the panel is insignificant. If you go lower than these, then HDR is just best not used at all.

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