Can anyone solve this TV Mystery?


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Hello All,
After lots of head scratching i have had to admit to the good lady my lack of understanding. I am sure there is a simple solution but i really do not want to make it worse.
We want to watch terrestrial TV at home.
attached are pictures showing 2 hdmi cables and what looks like speaker cable exiting the wall. There is also an ethernet connection.
These pics are from a bedroom and lounge.
The other picture of the multiswitch is in a downstairs cupboard.
What’s actually going on here. What is the purpose of this multiswitch and x2 HDMI Cables and speaker cable.
Can anyone unravel this confusing mess?


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To update. Have connected both HDMI Cable to bedroom TV and attempted tuning but as you can see in the pictures no success. Just want to be able to watch basic TV, something i did as a child but can’t achieve as an adult.


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Looks like you're set up for distributing both terrestrial and satellite signals round the house, but do you have a satellite dish and/or terrestrial aerial installed ? Check the loft for the latter if there's no visible aerial on the roof.

I would imagine the HDMI cables are for feeding the TV a signal from an external device like a Sky box, Blu-ray player or games console. Check further down the wall or any nearby cupboards for the other ends to those.


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The other cable looks like shotgun co-ax cable and is probably connected to two points on the multiswitch.

You need to separate these and fit an f-connector on the ends.
These F connectors then attach either direct to the TVs aerial or too a sat receiver box.

A Multi switch takes in four feeds from a satellite dish with a quatrro LNB and or a terrestrial feed from an aerial and feeds multiple outputs, probably to many rooms via that shotgun cable in your picture.

The HDMI cables must have another end somewhere, and there would have to be a source device connected to them to be of any use.
They will not be connected to the multiswitch.

So, does your place have a satellite dish or an aerial ?
if not , the multi switch cannot work.
If so connect the f connectors to the shotgun cable , plug into the tv, re tune and you should be good to go.

Without a source on the other end of the HDMI, they are useless.

Edit .... just had a thought , that might just be two ends of the same HDMI cable you have there.
Could be that the shotgun cable was two feeds into a sky box for example , and the the HDMI cable was the feed out of the sky box and into the TV , with excess cable shoved into the wall for neatness maybe ?
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That's thin WF65 style shotgun to my eyes - 4.5 mm diameter each rather than 6.5 mm for WF100/RG6 etc.,. coax.
Needs the correct twist-on F plugs for a good reliable connection.
PROception F-Plug Cable Sky+ Shotgun Cable and then adapters to TV plugs for terrestrial PROception Adaptors F-Female to TV (IEC) Male

The shotgun is easily split into two cables by tearing along the seam that joins them into a figure 8.

A 'how to' guide to stripping the wire and fitting the F-plug is here: Wiring up plugs, aerials and wall plates - A.T.V. Poles, Brackets, Clamps & Aerials

A multiswitch is a way of sending both satellite and UHF TV signals down one wire, and they can be split with filtered plates if required. Installing a multiswitch for multiple satellite points explains it quite well.

The green power on led of the switch looks to be lit? But it will need to be powered to send signals to those coaxial cables.

Once a suitable plug is on any of those 16 cable ends then terrestrial UHF TV should work when a TV is connected. (Assuming there is an aerial on the end of the UHF Input cable). If any TVs have sat inputs the same applies (if there's a dish and LNB).

The two hdmis (in the Lounge?) are quite likely to reappear behind a nearby wall-mounted TV / bracket location - or even a ceiling-mounted projector? (e.g. for a PVR and Bluray/DVD-Player or Games Console located).

Looks like a lot of rooms fed from that switch!

Did the previous owner not leave any manuals or instructions?


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Hello All
Thanks so very much for your help.
Yes there is both an aerial and dish on the roof.
Ok, so the ‘shotgun ‘ cable is both from an aerial and satellite supply?
The HDMI is still a mystery to me.
Thanks again


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The plot thickens...
Have found this in the kitchen/dining area. Has the shotgun cable you speak off but also an approx 1 metre length of a different cable. Appears to be 2 lengths that exit and return at they same point


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It's going to be detective work. Either on your part or pay someone to do it for you.

Possible (at least one cable has hdmi printed along it) the ends with connectors have been pushed back through the brush strip for tidiness/protection?

All guesswork until someone finds documentation or diagrams showing what was installed and where.
Why? - that may never be known unless the original specifier or installer can be found (and can remember) or have kept records.

Can you ask the seller of the house?


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In the lounge the TV is too far from the ‘shotgun’ aerial/satellite cable. Is there any way this cable can be extended?

Yes, coax cable can be extended using a straight F-plug adaptor with a female F-plug connection at each end, provided you had a male F-plug on the end of each section of coax you wanted to join. These bits are sometimes sold together and called a splicing kit. You can also do the same with standard coax plugs but they are less secure, unlike the F-plug connections which screw in.

Wouldn't it make more sense to move the TV closer to the cables temporarily or is it too big and awkward to move ?

Why is the TV not located close to all the outlets ? Have you chosen somewhere else to put it in the room ?

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