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Can anyone see any problems with this install plan ??


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Fanally I am getting ready to do the wiring for my lounge and garage (future cinema room) in my new house, here is my plan, can anyone see any flaws in it ?

I plan to use 1 HTPC (running MCE 2005) and amp (with a 2nd zone function) both located in the lounge, these will run a plasma in the lounge with 2 channel sound (from 2nd zone on amp)

As the garage (future cinema room) is directly behind the lounge I plan to channel through the wall a 2nd VGA cable and the output from the 5.1 channels on the amp - these will connect to a Barco 701 CRT projecter and set of surround speakers.

Can anyone see any problems with this plan before i get started wiring ? ?


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Sounds do-able.

Is hiding cables hi-up in the priorities ?

If so, plan very carefully where you'll be placing you kit in the lounge and where you'll be drilling through into the garage. Once it's done... it's difficult to move or extend, so it's important to get that right.

Has your garage been plasterboarded yet ? If not, you get away with anything you want.

:lesson: I can't stress this enough, but if you're an attached man, make sure you've got complete SWMBO buy in. As much as we'll try to big-you-up with your progress pics, she's the one with complete power to demotivate you and kill the project. She's got to be happy with the layout, AV capability, usability and DIY disruption. :lesson:

Buy yourself a quality SDS drill, humoungously long drill bits and a good cable/pipe/stud detector.

Plan ahead with cables try to keep electrical away from AV/data cables and further away from speaker cables.

You'll also need an IR extender to control the kit in the lounge when you're sat in the garage. An RF-> IR remote can also do the same job (e.g. Harmony 895), but this may be more pricey.

It's worthwhile to start knocking up a project spreadhseet and writing absolutly everything that's in your head at the moment. Because it's a future project, you have the benefit of spreading your cost over time, so if you spot a bargain that's applicable for your project... buy it.

Best of luck!


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Hi thanks for your wise words,

In answer to your questions, yes I am attached and very luckilly for me the plasma and HTPC in the living room back straight onto the wall going through to the garage, I plan on using a blank plug socket to neatly bring the cables through the wall directly behind the HTPC.

Very luckilly we have a child on the way :clap: , this also means the Mrs will be very keen to hear anything that keeps the costs down (I would not need to buy a seperate HTPC/amp for the garage:thumbsup: ) .

I have errected the studwork but nothing else in the garage so now is an ideal time to do the wiring.

I have a Keene electronics "IR repeater" kit kicking around which I intend to use in conjunction with a (powered) USB extension cable for a keyboard/mouse in the garage

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