Can anyone recommend a projector sub £700


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I am in desperate need of some help/advice on a choice of projector to purchase. I know 4k is out of the question but the specs of the machines are very very confusing.

I was first looking at the Optoma 141x and then the 142x, as I know the 142x is a newer model, then the Epson tw5300 then the tw5350 which by the looks of it is 120 more expensive for the fact it has wifi and the 5300 is now discontinued. I was then told that the viewsonic pro7857hd is a better machine... but looking at the spec as in contrast ratio and lumens the much dearer ones sometimes have a lower spec so how do they justify the increase in price... is it a case of having as much as you can push budget wise to get a decent machine or is there a standout projector around the £600-700.

In terms of space I was hoping to get 133" screen as I have the wall space and have a throwback distance of around 4m+ top play with. Im not concerned about wifi nor sound output as I have 7.1 and atmos

Any help and advice much appreciated...

Thank you


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I'm also looking too and been told DLP is better but for my 3m square room I need a Short throw to fill a 120" screen?


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picture wise DLP is good but you should view both as some people like me suffer the DLP rainbow which makes watching DLP projectors a no no.
You tend to get better blacks on the dlp projectors and they seem to be cheaper.
try and get a viewing because it does not matter how cheap a projector is if you cant watch it due to a banging headache.



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Also is lcd better than dlp

That's a can of worms! you will find much heated debate on this topic on the internet. Ultimately it's down to personal preference so you should try and see both in action before you decide, or at least a DLP to check your susceptibility to rainbows, because that is the biggest factor at your budget. Have you considered a used machine? You can get some bargains on the classifieds here, at your budget you could be looking at a LCoS from Sony or JVC and then the DLP/LCD debate is redundant.

for my 3m square room I need a Short throw to fill a 120" screen?

Yeah, you will most likely need a short throw to get that size image from that distance. Go to ProjectorCentral and search for the projectors you are interested in and there is a throw calculator on there which is really useful.


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I saw on eBay yesterday a optoma HD33 for £700 said it was very low usage.

I have one and have to say I've been more than happy with its performance. It also does 3d. The throw distance is very good as well.

It's not the latest pj I know but I've found it good even in ambient lighting.


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You should look at the optoma hd36 or 151x. Basically, the same machine, different warrantys and sellers. The all glass wide diameter lens with good zoom and lens shift flexibility makes it very competitively priced. Well worth a look and read some reviews. Beats the benqs hands down due to the better lens. Less chromatic and focus issues.

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