Can anyone recommend a portable/camping freeview aerial?


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I have a Next Base 7" portable digital TV which i use in my van. The small portable magnetic aerial it came with is very poor and too small.

I am looking for something better, but preferably not too big and will still be magnetic so it can be stuck on the top of the van.

I bought one off eBay that was meant to be for digital TV and was twice as long and 18Db. Unfortunately its much worse.

Can anyone recommend something, or at least point me in the right direction (i have Googled like mad, but with not results). There must be something out there for this.



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Your aerial requirement is going to depend on where you are; the strength of the signal,the terrain etc. There are numerous postings on the Forum from all over the country where people are experiencing reception problems. There is no universal solution, particularly one that will work from the top of a van. It's going to be 'hit and miss' whatever type of aerial you use.
When analogue goes I am wondering if the Freeview signal will be stepped up as there must be a lot of people who want to watch tv on the move. I noticed recently that a holiday caravan site had a fair number of satellite dishes in evidence, even outside tents!


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I recommend this as a good all rounder:
You'll probably also need an amplifier. That page suggests the Vision V20-1127.

One thing I would point out is that the height is critical in some areas. Best to mount it on a pole so you can move it up and down for best results. If the caravan is metal-skinned, the aerial must not be too close to the roof.

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A bit expensive but how about a Maxview OMNIMAX.

You can get B2017 - Suction Pad Base or B2019 - Magnetic Base for temporary installation to attach to plastic / metal roofs, see page 24 of the catalogue:

Check them out at a local caravan dealers accessory shop.


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The problem with any omnidirectional aerial is that its gain is extremely low so it works only in areas of strong signal.

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