Can anyone recommend a KVM for 2 PCs please?


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I wonder if anyone can recommend a KVM (or KVM variant...more like a KMS (Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker) for me please?

I have 2 PC's connected to 1 monitor, and I want to do away with having to have two of everything on my desk, if possible.

So, I am happy to have both PCs connected via 2 cables to my monitor, and just select the inputs via the monitor input selector, so what I am really needing is a device that will allow me to:

Connect 1 keyboard
Connect 1 Mouse
Connect 1 speaker output

to 2 PCs and switch between the two of them...the only issue I for see is that my Keyboard is a gaming keyboard (a Razor Blackwidow Elite), which connects via 2 USB i don't know whether that would affect a switcher in some way?

So, if anyone can recommend a device to connect everything and switch seamlessly between the two PCs please, that would be fantastic...

Thanks in advance!



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Hi @kmm

I have this TE Smart HDMI KVM.

It's really brilliant, and the ability to switch inputs based on keyboard shortcuts is amazing, though it has physical buttons and a remote control as well.

It does support audio out which it extracts from the HDMI, so you'd need to configure your PCs with audio on HDMI, or use a USB audio device.

It has dedicated ports for keyboard & mouse, but has additional usb inputs as well. This would probably work with your funky keyboard, but you'd really need to try it. You'd have to buy and return if it didn't work.

Unfortunately, that model is out of stock.However, I believe this is the same, just updated a little with different styling. It has colour options as well, though only grey seems to be in stock at the moment.

Do check the specs and comments to make sure it's right for you. I must say, I have not experienced any of the negatives outlined in the comments. Mine works flawlessly. YMMV. Batteries not included. Investments may go up as well as down. T&Cs apply.

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