Can anyone recommend a good RPTV calibration engineer?


Despite all my efforts, can't seem to get my Toshiba 50WH18B bck the way it was. Can anyone recommend a reliable calibration engineer or company operating in the East of England, or who will travel to that part of the world, who will be able to do better than I have?


the best calibration man in the country is Gordon Fraser from Convergent AV. He frequents these forums and can get your tv looking a million times better than any tv engineer can :)

does he have a website? once i've decided to keep my rptv i'm going to let it settle for a few weeks then get someone to set it up for me. i was going to call toshiba and ask for one of their guys to come out. do they do that? i don't mind the cost of hireing an expert as it will save much anguish over long run.

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Look under the sponsors of this site and click on Convergant AV. That's Gordon.

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I should point out though that I generally don't work on rear pro's. This is because the time taken to learn the models and to do the work is llikely to be so much that the cost to do one is going to be massive.

I have done greyscale calibrations and minor touch ups on Toshiba's but that's it.



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Would it be worth getting a calibration engineer for a direct view TV ie PD30? Roughly what kind of money do these people charge.


I can have a crack at it myself, got hold of an Avia setup disk, but who could recommend where I would get red/blue filters and the light and sound meters needed by the program?

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Avia should have come with the filters. But guess you havent got the filters so simply either turn the gun off through service menu ( not ideal as the gun will need re-warming up once you come to do that one), cover the lens with a suitable bit of cardboard.

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