Question Can anyone recommend a good remote light switch please


As my new 'cinema room' is pretty much pitch black now I don't want to be messing about turning the lights off then using my phone light to find my way to my seat and so would like to add a remote controlled light switch.

I don't need anything too fancy - ideal the wall switch/plate will be black and have its own remote or work with a harmony remote. I've got 8 GU10 LED bulbs (dimmable) to turn on/off so nothing too complicated!

I've seen one or two but when I start looking at the reviews etc they don't seem too great so just wondering what you're using please..?
Thanks for the reply - the rako/creston/lutron/control 4 stuff is all lovely but a little ott for my needs I think and certainly a little more than I want to spend :eek:


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If it's just to get to your seat, could you have something voice controlled? Like an Alexa and an Alexa controlled power socket, with a lamp or strip LED plugged in? Or Phillips Hue type stuff controlled by Alexa? And you may be able to control them with your TV remote too.


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I use Hive everywhere. My Hive indoor camera (in the cinema) spots me walking down to the cinema and turns on the lights (two inside and two outside) for me before i get there. I can then turn them off using the Alexa in there or the iOS app.

Not massive money and works well.


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Probably too late now, but I've been using Varilight V-Pro switches for a few years now and find them to be excellent. Cheap, dimmable and already exist on the harmony database.

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