Can anyone recommend a DVD/VCR with divx and videoplus+


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Hi All,

I've had a look around but can't find an answer in the forums. Can anyone recommend a VCR/DVD combi with following features:

* Videoplus +
* Divx playback
* multi region dvd playback

I don't need dvd recorder and it doesn't need to be freeview compatible either( although that might be nice) and ideally I don't want to spend more than a £100.00.

Thanks in advance,


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Toshiba SD-37VB

See item #110114974419 on eBay (it's not me, I've already sold mine!) - a nearly-new one for sale. Just to give you an idea. The specs/manual can be found on Toshiba's website.

Mine was the 34B which I sold because it didn't have Index Search (the 37B does) but I didn't replace it because I had so many VCRs. I don't think there's much difference between the 2 models, the 37B is dearer, I bought my 34B from eBuyer Sept 05 for £80 excluding delivery.

If you want to be contrary and dub DVDs onto tape, they come out brilliantly ;)

This is a Region 2 DVD player, but I have the region hack so PM me with your email address if you'd like it.

A word of warning, Toshiba don't (as far as I know) issue software/firmware updates for these machines.



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Thanks that looks like a good model, and dixons have it for £62.99!(out of stock though).

Looking at the manual it doesn't seem to have videoplus, does anyone have any more suggestions or has videoplus gone the way of the dinosaurs?

Cheers, Matt.


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videoplus was on the sd-34vb but dropped for the sd-37vb and the sd-38vb. probably goes some way to explaining the £100 price drop between the 34 and the 37.


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It is available to buy direct from Toshiba:

I could have sworn it had VideoPlus :confused: , and it does - the 34VB - but to be honest I had stopped using it as my eyesight got so's I'd have to put my specs on to read the small print in the Radio Times. It was the PDC (Program Delivery Control) I found indispensable, but of course that's only useful with analogue TV cos there's no PDC signal for digital. The Tosh timer interface was quite easy to program without VideoPlus, not slow and clunky (scrolling thru the minutes one by one :eek: ) like the Sony one I have.

Here's the specs for the 34VB: http://www.home-entertainment.toshi...ombidvdvcr-sd-34vb?opendocument#specification

Here's an eBay refurb @ £50 + P&P:

And link to Home Cinema Choice review:

It's a good machine for the money, I miss mine but I was so angry about 'no Index Search'. How stupid of Toshiba to have VideoPlus but no IS on the 34VB, and Index Search but no VP on the 37VB :mad: There's always something, I think all manufacturers are guilty of this sort of thing.

Good hunting,

clemenzina :)


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Thanks for the help. I've bought a toshiba sd-34vb now. Just hope that the divx playback works with the files I've got on my computer. :)

Regards, Matt.

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