Can anyone recommend a decent portable aerial that's digital compatible?

Stevie G

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There's a couple in the Argos catalogue, but i don't know what they're like, so can anyone recommend one they've successfully used. The cheaper the better.....!



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I use the labgear one (£6.75 number 4 on pg 682) and the ross one (number 5 £6.99) both plugged into a signal booster. However I think you'd get away with just the first one, it does depend on your location though, some places you won't recieve anything with one of them.

(BTW I have both of them cos I bought the second for FM reception only to find out my reciever and the aerial both had male ends, so I stuck it through the booster.)


It depends entirely on your reception conditions.

If you get a decent analogue picture from a portable aerial, there's every chance you'll get digital if - and it's a big if - that same transmitter is providing digital signals.

Many relays are not - and may not for years to come.

You need to check your post code against DTT coverage to see.

If your transmitter is digital ready, then it's back to the analogue test...

Then you can decide on your choice of aerial - I would always go for an amplified version unless your reception was exceptionally strong.


I had the same question back in Feb/March! I phoned ITV Digital and they said there was some coverage in my area, but were unsure what I would get.

Only thing was that I had a set-top aerial!!!!!

So I purchased ITV Digital (Stupid Me) and plugged it in.... With only a set top Aerial looking through the living room and out of the window I got 55 channels and all were 100%.

So at the end of the day most Aerial you buy however cheap will seem to do the trick, in terms of being digital.

Hope this helps...

P.S. If you are thinking of getting digital TV through your aerial. i.e. the boxes you can buy from Argos don’t just get SKY. It’s much easier!

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