Question Can anyone recommend a DAC to add to my Roksan K3 AMP?


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I am thinking about adding a DAC to my current setup. I am considering the Audiolab M-DAC as I have only read good things and its in my price range. I am very new to owning a setup like this and feel like the best way to improve it now would be to add a DAC. I have made a handy map of my set up, I would really appreciate any help and recommendations. I am looking for a warm feel to the sound, nothing too bright.

The obvious choice would be the Roksan K3 DAC but i'm not keen as its very big and chunky.

I'm mainly looking to play .flac in 24bit 44100hz from my laptop with Foobar2000. Would also like to try to ASIO drivers as i'm looking at doing some post production and editing.

Current Hardware:
Roksan K3 Intergrated Amp
Monitor Audio Silver 500's Floor Standing Speakers
Asus Rog Strix Scar III Laptop (Realtek drivers, only read terrible things about them)

Anything I can do to improve my current setup without a DAC?

Proposed Hardware/Cables:
Audiolab M-DAC
AudioQuest Forest USB A-B 3 M (Very expensive, cheaper decent alternative?)
Audioquest Evergreen 2RCA to 2RCA 1m
AudioQuest Forest OptiLink 0.75 M x2

Whats the difference between types of audio cables like forest and golden gate other than price? Are they worth the extra cash? I could instantly tell the difference when I picked up the the Audioquest tower Aux cable but how much will the forest/evergreen really make?

Lots of questions, as I said I'm pretty new to all this going deeper into the rabbit hole each day! :)

Current Audio Hardware.png

Audio Hardware Map.png

Thanks for your help everyone!
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This thread might help.

I'm a K3 DAC owner and can vouch for its lovely, warm and rich sound with a great soundstage.

As for cables, life's too short to start another cable discussion......


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For Sale - Audio GD NFB3.1 Dual Wolfson WM8741 DAC/Preamp (Modified) ;)

Any questions please ask away.

Add a Chromecast Audio and you can stream over WiFi to it or use Spotify/tidal etc with your phone/tablet as a remote.

P.S. is your avatar at Download?

Close! Its actually Bloodstock Open Air 2019, but I was also at Download this year... front row center for Slayer's last ever UK gig \m/

I'm not that fussed about streaming services etc. as I have all my library in .flac. Mainly i'm looking for something to replace my built in DAC on my motherboard. The last few weeks I have been messing around with audio post processing to try and clean up/de-clip/ess/crackle some really bad mastered audio from some of my favorite artists (some metal albums are so poorly mastered)

Thanks for the help.


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Keep it inexpensive and simple.

If you’re after a usb dac only then these are damn good indeed.

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Keep it inexpensive and simple.

If you’re after a usb dac only then these are damn good indeed.

Needs to be more than just a USB DAC unfortunately. Its Going to be to be placed in my living room next to the amp and ideally something that has two optical inputs for the TV and Xbox. I also want to run a 3m USB cable from my laptop to the DAC to play music .



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If you can’t find a dac with two optical then you can use one of these to convert one to coax, works well I have one for my Chromecast audio.

I did download and also the small Radar festival in Guildford which was excellent (mainly prog/tech/djent, animals as leaders and monuments headlined).

Bloodstock looked a good line up, my first ever gig was MSG with Michael Schenker, Rudi’s Brother (Scorpions).


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