Can anyone recommend a converter for a 120 US HD player to 220 volts for UK?


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Sorry for asking so many questions but I havent tried using a US product here before. What kind of converter will allow me to use a US 110-120 volt HD player in the UK? Will that cause any problems in PQ etc? I think HD players use only a small amount of electricity so I wont need a very powerful converter.



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You need one with a decent current capacity but yes it will work fine. Lots of people use Toshiba A1, XA1s etc this way.
The one I used was from Maplins; a heavy duty job costing about £30. There may be cheaper ones about but I wanted to play safe.

Nic Rhodes

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ENSYED, All these questions have been asked many times before and all the info is there in the archives. You will find the search engine very useful here as it will link to threads which will actually link direct to suppliers, recommended models etc. It will be a far better source of info for you than asking lots of small questions in one off threads. There is also a FAQ which although needs pdating contains allot of good info.

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