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Question Can anyone recommend a 65" 4k TV with 10 bit HDR & around £1000?


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Hello all,

I'm looking for recommendations on a 65" television (non-curved) which is 4k and also has a 10 bit HDR panel.

This will be used for gaming, and I want HDR in gaming mode. I'm aware of the Hisense H65M7000 which is in price bracket but I believe it's 8 bit + FRC?

Side question: What is the actual difference between 8bit+FRC and 10bit HDR? Would average joe notice the difference?

Thank you!


Whether a TV has a native 10bit panel or not isn't very important right now, especially when with gaming you can only choose between 8bit+full chroma or 10bit with reduced chroma due to HDMI 2.0a limitations.

A tv that uses FRC to turn 8bit into pseudo 10bit is fine and panels that are known to be 8bit with FRC don't perform noticeably worse in tests than those than with native 10 bit panels when it comes to HDR colour.

But bit depth aside, it is not the main factor you should consider when purchasing a HDR TV, in fact colour is only one part of HDR. At a 1k budget and 65" you are only going to be able to afford TVs like the M7000 which will give you better colour with HDR, but will lack any kind of decent local dimming and high brightness required for a HDR spectacle.

You can read up about differences in different tv's and how they handle HDR here: HDR TVs for gamers - Buying Guide

I would strongly suggest saving up for something in the mid range category, even if it means waiting a while it will be worth it for the difference in HDR alone. Even better if you can save to afford a TV that comes in the high end category.

Right now for example you could get a Panasonic 58DX-902 for under a grand on Panasonic's eBay refurb store. Although it may be too small, it will give you much better HDR than something like the M7000.

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