Can anyone recommend a 6 phono lead for SACD?


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I use three Black Rhodium Rythm pairs of interconnects. Ixos make an all ni one six phono to six phono cable, we have one at my shop.


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Moving to cable forum.


I use the decoder for dolby digital so i use 3 x cable talk broadcast3 but i got them for a bargain (Worth £240)

Brilliant sound even though amp is crap, (dvd players is good).


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I'm using standard phono to phono leads that cost about £2 per pair and they sound good enough to me. However, I am going to give the ones at Maplin a try to see if there's any difference.

L08AJ - 0.75m - £14.99

L09AJ - 1.50m - £16.99

L10AJ - 3.00m - £21.99

All plus delivery if you spend less than £30.

I know that some people will probably slate me for suggesting those cables above, but for my needs and my budget, I'm sure they'll do the job.

Or, you could buy 6 of these for only £27.09 delivered.

Ian J

I hate to admit it but as I only have one DVDA and one SACD disc I have been using three pairs of freebies and the sound is phenomenal.

I may buy some more expensive inteconnects if I buy more discs

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